Why Partner With Triquest?

Board Member Experienced Staff

With Triquest Management Services being named one of the most unique community association management companies in Texas, we figured it had something to do with the foundation on which our company is built on. "IT'S NOT ABOUT US".  By having staff with years of HOA board member experience, we are able effectively help you conquer any obstacles your community faces.  Our property management team noticed being an active board member for your homeowners association can be time consuming.  Most times it feels as though your working multiple jobs. Utilizing our unique community association management skills will create more time for the important things in your life. 

Why Wait For "One" Manager?


Aside from providing your Homeowners Association with a qualified property manager, our staff is also kept up to date on your community . Our clients have been amazed by our efficiency given the fact that our property management company has no automated systems. We actually quite enjoy your homeowners stopping by. HOA members are also able to come to our site to submit maintenance requests, compliance complaints, and even pay your homeowners association dues.

"Takes Care Of My Needs As A Homeowner"

Jarison Barillas, Stafford, Texas

I had Been looking for quite some time for a management company that would not only take care of my needs as a homeowner but that would keep me informed about my community and that's just what I found with Triquest Management.
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"I Will Definitely Recommend Them to Anyone Who Needs Their Services"

Derrick Smith, Missouri City, Texas

Triquest has to be one of the BEST companies I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Pure professionalism 100% of the time. They treated me as if I were family making sure EVERYTHING was done by the books and in My best interest. Truly a wonderful company, I will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their services and they will be the ONLY place I got to from this point forward.
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"Happy That Triquest Management Has A Real Person Answer Phones"

Lou C. , Houston, Texas

I'm just happy that Triquest Management has a real person answers the phone; unlike our last management company refused to return calls or rant with email replies. It's very important to have a management office with a physical address; unlike our last management company working in a PO Box and remittance to Atlanta Georgia. But, we're in Houston.
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"Individuals That Work With You To Find Exactly What You Need"

Odis Glover, Richmond, Texas

Great company but even greater individuals that work with you to find exactly what you need. They are very detail oriented and efficient.
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"It's A Pleasure To Have TRIQUEST As Our Management Company"

Luis M Chen, Houston, Texas

I have been here every month to pay my HOA due. Because of its friendly staff, I didn't want to pay online or send the check. Plus, my calls are professionally answered, unlike the other place I dealt with. It's a pleasure to have TRIQUEST as our management company. I love the convenient location on Westpark by Gessner with a huge parking lot.
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Board Member Online Banking

Have you ever felt as though you have no idea what is going on with your community? Maybe you feel that there should be a bigger window of communication between you and your community manager. Our community association management team has listened to our clients past experiences and for that has a system where your board member is able to go online and track the financial growth of your community. How else will you be able to effectively lead your community?  


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Large Scale Single Family & Master Planned Communities




Luxury High-Rise & Condominiums




Developer Services




Golf Course & Country Club


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Condos, Lofts, & Townhomes


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Mixed Use Communites


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Active Adult Communities

The Difference With Triquest Management

No Petty Fees

HOA management services should not include a ton of extra fees. We believe that some services should be included in our property management scope of service. With Triquest there are no additional charges for:
-ACH Applications-
-Online Banking-
-Website Maintenance-
-Compliance Photo Database-


A 3 Week Project Shouldn't Take 3 Months To Complete. The last thing any HOA board should worry about is the completion of a project. We have developed a system that has eliminated the droping of any balls on our watch. We also have a project management team that stays on top of things when it comes to dealing with your vendors. Let's not forget community association management also consists of insuring your vendors are doing there part. We've excelled in overseeing: 
-Splash Pads-
- L.E.D Boards -
-Walking Trails -
-Tennis Courts-

Community Event Planning

Homeowners can really dish it out when unhappy, and we know that it's not an easy task juggle both work and your community. Triquest excels in aiding you orchestrate events that changes that. We believe that there is a huge difference between living in a neighborhood and being part of a community. We have built a reputation for planning:
-Community Classes (Self Defense, Tax prep, Zumba)-
-Community Gathering ( Jazz Fest, Funday in the Park)-
-Community Field Trips (Six Flags, Sea world, Outlets)-

Board and Homeowner Classes

We strongly encourage our board members and homeowners to participate in community classes and seminars. We are known to sponsor classes that educate and keep you informed...not in the dark. Triquest will also frequently send you upcoming classes through Community Associations Institute (CAI) in which we hold a platinum designation. Community Associations Institute (or CAI) is the only national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive, competent community associations.